Legal Advice

Legally Speaking provides legal advice in a number of areas including commercial, corporate, employment, trade practices and dispute resolution matters. This advice is tailored to your needs but can be roughly divided into 3 categories:

  • Immediate advice on an 'as needs' basis;
  • Task based advice; and
  • Project advice.

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In-House Service

Legally Speaking provides clients with in-house counsel expertise by:

  • Understanding the general culture and philosophy of your business including your outlook towards the market place and your risk appetite.
  • Assessing the legal requirements, issues and services pertinent to your business focussed on improvements and cost reduction.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution - We help you resolve disputes

Most companies will over time become involved in disputes. Regardless whether a dispute is simple or complex Legally Speaking will help you manage the dispute from the outset in a cost effective and efficient manner. This includes:

  • Assisting you to strategically manage disputes
  • Representing clients at mediations

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The majority of disputes can be resolved in a practical, strategic and commercially astute manner. Disputing parties can avoid the aggravation and expense of court proceedings in most instances by agreeing to a mediation process that assists parties to resolve issues themselves without the necessity of a third party resolving the issues for them.

As a mediator Elise Margow enables parties to resolve complex disputes by combining well-tested and tried mediation techniques with her unique experience and knowledge gained as both litigator and commercial manager.

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